Dr. Bob Woodburn

Meeting Planner Info

Dr. Woodburn is happy to help raise the profile of your event through media interviews, appearances and promotions. Contact us via email or phone 519.763.4995.

Watch Dr. Bob in action in this video of a recent keynote address.

What information will Dr. Bob need to develop our presentation?

To design a keynote presentation that is unique to your needs we would need the following information:

  1. What is the main theme/purpose of the meeting?
  2. Who are the attendees?
  3. A brief outline that describes the principal activities in which your group is involved.
  4. What are the key issues and challenges facing your people/organization?
  5. What are the top 3 messages/themes you want me to highlight?
  6. Do you have an agenda available?
  7. Is there a website specific to your group that would give me further insights?

To create a memorable event Bob will talk directly with you and/or your team to custom design the session closer to the event.

Are there any room requirements necessary for Bob's presentations?

During the session Bob will be teaching the participants to juggle. In order to get the most out of your presentation it is important to look after the details of the room set up and relating those needs to the staff involved in the set up. People will need a place to sit for the information portions of the presentation and space to move as they learn to juggle.

Here are a few things that are important to the set up for the session.

  1. To see the cubes easily the room needs to be well lit with a normal ceiling height at least (8-9 ft.).
  2. Participants need to be able to move away from their seating so they can have personal space to practice the skill. A round table with chairs allows the participant to tuck in the chair and have sufficient space to move e.g. toss the cube in the air and move to catch it. In a lecture theatre people can use the aisles.
  3.  At the front of the room there will need to be space for a large screen with an LCD projector.
  4. Also at the front of the room a 4 - 6 ft. table will give Bob enough space to place his props and his laptop (a lectern is not suitable). When the group is more than 50 people the table should be on a riser to allow the audience to see the presenter. This area should be well lit. Bob would appreciate some drinking water.
  5. A flip chart with dark coloured markers will be needed on the riser area.
  6. When the group is larger than 20 people Bob will need a wireless lapel microphone and speaker system. He needs to be able to keep his hands free to teach and the audience can be quite loud (having fun) during the learning process.
  7. It is best to place the resource package, juggling book and 3 cubes at each participant's chair before the session since handing out materials at the door can cause entry delays.
  8. Our clients often find it useful to have someone taking pictures of the event to be used at a later date.
  9. The resource package will be e mailed to you and 1 copy (6 pages double sided) should be made for each participant.

Promotional Photos

Download photos of Dr. Bob for use in your own promotional materials.