Dr. Bob Woodburn

We had fun learning the art of juggling, but more importantly, we understood the importance of keeping your life in balance.”

Issy Nockie

Why Juggling?

“A friend taught me to juggle many years ago,” says Bob Woodburn, “I instantly saw how it might apply to a group of executives I planned to work with the following week. "

“Over the years in my consulting practice, juggling has become an essential part of what I bring to groups. It gets people up on their feet having fun and learning a new skill. It’s also a terrific metaphor that applies to both work and life situations."

“As I teach people to juggle, I also get them to coach each other, to break through barriers and get results. This coaching exercise is a rich opportunity to be a beginner again, to coach others, to notice the voices that hold us back when learning something new, and to feel joy when we get it.”

Juggling helps:

  1. Ground us and calm our entire central nervous system.
  2. Lighten us up, which changes how we see challenges.
  3. Boost our confidence to learn new things and coach others.
  4. Make us playful and better at problem-solving.
  5. Focus us to zero in on priorities.
  6. Balance and energize a team.

A review of “Instant Juggling” by Dr. Bob Woodburn, from Juggle Magazine:

Ever wanted to juggle but thought you could never learn? Now you can and have a ball doing it! This unique book has been a very strong bestseller since it was introduced (over 325,000 sold). It comes with three beautifully sewn juggling cubes featuring a soft, yet tough, leather-like covering in bright red, blue and yellow primary colors. The cubes are filled with clean, recycled, nontoxic, plastic bead filler. These high quality cubes feel and perform great! The instructions and over 100 illustrations are outstanding - clear, easy to follow and very entertaining! You’ll be juggling in no time and mastering the more than 40 tricks included in this fun and fully illustrated guide.

Juggling Breakthroughs

When people see that they can learn new things faster and easier than they imagined, breakthroughs happen and joy abounds.