Dr. Bob Woodburn

What we did with Dr. Bob in one very enjoyable day would have taken us months of agonizing work. We now have a strong foundation from which to move forward.”

Bruno Ierullo, Manager, City of Windsor

About Dr. Bob

Woodburn Life Balance Associates Inc. was born in 1990 out of the long career and personal passions of Dr. Bob Woodburn. Work/life balance, team building, change management, and strategic planning have been constant and growing themes during Bob’s varied career as a best-selling author, university professor, consultant, and founder/president of a successful strategic planning company.

Dr. Bob Woodburn

Through his keynotes, retreats, and strategic planning work, Bob teaches people how to be high performers who relish big challenges. He inspires, entertains, and engages people. He gets them thinking strategically and seeing with fresh eyes. He gets them laughing and leading, juggling and innovating together.

Bob is a living example of his own inspirational message. Innovator, entrepreneur, consultant, academic, and strategic business leader, he has been a high-level athlete, adventurer, and coach. He has written two best-selling books (while juggling four kids). He has led two successful companies. He has five university degrees, plays in a rock band, and, whenever he can, he jumps into new challenges -- like skydiving over Mission Beach, Australia while back packing around the world in 2001.

Leap out and go for it.

My real passion is getting people and teams to see that they can do things they didn't think they could do.