Dr. Bob Woodburn

On Purpose. On Track. On Fire. Bob's strength is his ability to get people excited and in sync with each other and determined about where they are heading and how to get there.”

Tony Leighton, President, Fix Inc.

Working with Dr. Bob

Turning Change to Your Advantage

All organizations change. Doing it well isn’t easy. Dr. Bob Woodburn is an expert at teaching people — your people — how to tackle change with energy and creativity. The results? Breathtaking.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Woodburn is an experienced keynote speaker with a difference: through juggling, he gets your audience involved. Apprehension dissolves. Minds open. The message sticks. It’s almost magic. Learn more about Dr. Bob's Keynote Speaking Engagements.

Teamwork Retreats

Dr. Woodburn leads highly effective one- or two- day customized senior management teamwork retreats. Your people will learn to dig deeper, remove obstacles, and unify around key goals. Learn more about Dr. Bob's Teamwork Retreats.

Strategic Planning

Working skillfully with executive teams, front line managers, and boards of directors, Bob Woodburn catalyzes strategic planning, visioning, and priority setting for the next level of business growth. Learn more about Dr. Bob's Strategic Planning Sessions.

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I am passionate about working closely with teams and organizations that are ready to step up their performance and results.