Dr. Bob Woodburn

Why We Use Balance

The Case for Balance

We are all too stretched. Most of us are over-busy and overwhelmed. Few of us know how to stay focused and effective. Prioritizing is a struggle. Burnout happens all the time. The cost: Job performance and productivity decline. Commitment is lost. Employees leave. The cost is huge for our families, business in general, and our society as a whole.

Recent studies confirm that the #1 performance issue in the public and private sectors today is work/life balance.

Workload is the single biggest factor shaping employees feelings about their work. Employees are not just tired, they're angry.

Stressed employees are also much more likely to be absent. Each year, absenteeism costs North American companies billions of dollars.

Worse, good people tend to leave stressful jobs.

What can you do?

Leading companies take care of their people. It’s the only way to win consistently. These companies foster job satisfaction and earn loyalty. How? By helping their people help themselves get balanced.

Woodburn Life Balance Associates can show you how to address this urgent problem. We teach people about balance. We teach them how to juggle it all successfully.

With balance, your people will achieve:

  • Breakthrough thinking and results
  • Satisfaction and success
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Happier, healthier families
  • Stronger sustainable organizations
  • Confidence and commitment
  • Resilience and capacity
  • Relationships and teamwork
  • Focus and fun
  • Energy and power
  • Excellence and productivity

Leading companies take care of their people.

These companies foster job satisfaction and earn loyalty. Call Dr. Woodburn to bring balance to your team.