Dr. Bob Woodburn

I’ve never seen such a large group of people on their feet and having so much fun it was amazing to witness.”

Joanne Kendall, Senior Analyst, Bell Canada

Keynote Speaking

Dr. Bob works with audiences of any size, from 50 top-level executives seeking unity around a strategic plan to 2,000 farm market entrepreneurs at a national conference.

His powerful message: balance.

Bob’s high energy keynotes (60-90 minutes) never fail to motivate and inspire. In a warm, welcoming atmosphere of goodwill and good humor, he molds his message to your priorities, teaching the secrets of balancing work life and home life and high performance so your people can be more effective at both. Using juggling and his own proven brand of audience engagement, Bob teaches leadership, innovation, teamwork, and confidence building.

You’ll lighten up, laugh lots, and experience the remarkable power of interactive participation. Your group, like so many others (see our list of clients), will take home valuable advice that can be applied immediately to strengthen work performance.


Watch The Video

Watch a brief video of Dr. Bob In action.