Dr. Bob Woodburn

Bob Woodburn knows teams and how to move them - together!”

RIck Knudson, President, Sleeman Breweries

Teamwork Retreats

There is extraordinary value in pulling a team together. Bob Woodburn extracts that value by helping management teams break down barriers, clarify priorities, and build trust and commitment.

There is no better investment in any company than the taking the time to align a senior management team. Most teams are out of alignment, often because the individual members have been working too hard to properly establish group priorities and strategies for achieving them. Bob Woodburn is adept at quickly reading the way a team is operating, then moving it away from being “stuck” and into a cohesive, high-performance action mode.

During Bob’s one or two-day customized executive retreats, teams get away from daily pressures to freshen their thinking and revitalize communication. Obstacles are removed. Creativity is tapped. Relationships are tightened. Focused leadership strategies emerge.

ROI: often phenomenal.


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