Dr. Bob Woodburn

His work always yields significant team-building and buy-in, along with a clear implementation process to take the plan into action.”

Doug Berchtold, President, Brick Brewery

Strategic Planning

Creative strategic understanding resides in almost every top-management team. But impediments block progress. Bob Woodburn identifies those blockages and stimulates that valuable underlying insight.

Prior to founding Woodburn Life Balance Associates, Bob Woodburn was president and co-founder of the RETHINK Group, a successful strategic planning and consulting company. For years, Bob has worked with leaders in business and the public sector. He specializes in short and long-term strategic plans, "blue ocean" missions and visions, and aligning teams for optimal productivity. Leadership teams work with Bob when they need an experienced third-party consultant who can synthesize multiple points of view then get consensus on the essential next steps.

Bob clarifies the big picture and helps leaders see the future implications of their actions. His difference: a genuine passion for achieving breakthroughs and getting results.

Grow your team and your business strategically.

Call Dr. Woodburn to embark on a new strategic path that works.