Dr. Bob Woodburn

What Clients Say

Leading the Leaders

“Bob Woodburn has great listening and communication skills, a balanced viewpoint anchored in his global business and life experiences, and the intellect to offer insightful and thought-provoking questions. He encouraged our group to think outside of the box. He kept our meetings on track with the agenda and timetable. He sorted out priorities for our business, quickly cutting through the ‘clutter’ to get to the meat of the matter.”

Rick Knudson,
Sleeman Breweries

Designing the Road Map

“I have seen Dr. Woodburn's considerable consulting skills at work in three different settings: a large manufacturing organization of which I was president (strategic planning), a volunteer board (vision and priority setting), and a small advertising company (restructuring and repositioning). In each case, he designed an innovative work process and roadmap then facilitated senior management skillfully. I would not hesitate to recommend Bob to any CEO or president contemplating a strategic planning process to advance their business.”

Doug Berchtold,
Brick Brewery

Adding Value to the Planning Process

“I give Bob the highest marks for setting the proper tone, discipline, and structure in two two-day sessions where our staff reached consensus on our vision, mission, strategies, and tactics. We have already scheduled next year's meeting with Bob facilitating. He has added significant value to the planning process of our firms.”

Ken Hallat,
Chairman and CEO,
Janitors Warehouse Group

Validating the Path Forward

“Our company hired Bob Woodburn to help us facilitate a new five-year strategic plan. We were at a crossroads, not sure of the right path to take. With Bob’s expert direction we re-evaluated our vision and mission statements and developed key strategies and tactics for moving forward. We are now building a more positive and effective work environment, poised for growth and increased profits.”

Diana Robertson,
R Group Vancouver

One of Bob's regular Strat Plan/Partners

“Each time I come away from one of Bob’s regular ‘check-ins,’ I am encouraged to re-focus on the big picture and make the often-difficult adjustments necessary to achieve our desired goals. His intuitive sense of what the future is likely to hold has been both startling and tremendously comforting.”

Catherine Hart,
General Manager,
Via Architecture

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